Internal Combustion Engine Development

You are developing new combustion models and you are confronted with optimising fuel consumption, engine performance and emission reduction on a day-to-day basis. Energy balance, heat release rate, residual gas content, sucking loss, trapping efficiency and efficiency losses are just a few of the terms which belong to this complex topic.

At the click of a button our software TIGER delivers a complete thermodynamic analysis of the engine. With that, for the first time in the long history of the internal combustion engine, a new and unrivaled software package is made available  for a complete thermodynamic insight into the combustion and gas exchange process of your engine.

You don’t need to be a proven thermodynamics specialist to take advantage of TIGER. Our expert knowledge guarantees the parameterisation and calculation of the combustion cycle within seconds. With the help of our predefined tables and standard diagrams the results are automatically compiled and delivered in a presentation-ready format, so you do not waste any time because of inefficient processing of data. 

Our comprehensive competence in the area of internal combustion engines ensures you of state of the art combustion models and algorithms.
Our knowledge and experience oblige us to continous innovation from which you will benifit at first-hand.